What's the Hap at the Cap?

What's the Hap at the Cap?

By Liz McKay, Policy and Education Intern
January 14, 2016

The Colorado legislative session began yesterday, which means there are 119 days of bill proposals and political maneuvering ahead of us. With a Republican Senate and Democratic House, and a notable lack of funding, it’s going to be a tough year to get anything passed. Colorado Youth Matter will be keeping track of any bills that relate to our work in the field of youth sexual health, and we invite you to tune in to our bi-weekly blog, What’s the Hap at the Cap?, to keep up-to-date on these important issues.

Colorado Youth Matter’s mission is to actively engage Colorado communities to promote the healthy sexual development of all young people. But what does this actually mean, and how does this relate to proposed bills during this year’s legislative session? We believe that all young people deserve inclusive, comprehensive sex education and access to resources in order to make informed decisions regarding their health. Making this a reality means that a school’s sex ed curriculum needs to be scientific and evidence-based, that school-based health centers and other clinics need to offer low-cost, effective contraceptives and other confidential health care services for young people, and that pregnant or parenting teens need to receive support – not shame – at school in order to succeed in their educational goals. It means that LGBTQ youth feel safe and supported in school, in addition to being fully included in their sex education class. And it means that all young people have an Askable Adult in their life who they can go to with difficult, sensitive questions. 
We will monitor any proposed legislation pertaining to these issues and offer information about each topic throughout the legislative session. It is our hope that Colorado will continue to move toward a future of healthy youth!

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